Antoni and Diego fell in love with the sea, and living in Portocolom they could not have done anything else for living. They started their own boat dealership, number 1 in Portocolom and one of the prominent ones in Mallorca.

The enterprise Confianza Yachting is installed in Portocolom, it offers diverse services for maritime crafts lovers. The main service they offer is the boat rental, from sailing boats and speed boats to yachts. In some models it is not necessary to have any license, so anyone can navigate.

They also offer:

Skipper-lessons: Their grand experience in recreational navigation allows them to guarantee exclusive and personalized lessons. Those are directed to the skippers that are already licensed and do not have the experience but they wish to acquire more skills, or the ones that have been away from the sea and wish to acquire the skills that the lost back in the day.

Excursions: They offer the navigators the chance to make luxury excursions, by days or weeks. From Calobra to Formentera, passing by Ibiza, or one of the best views of the north part of Mallorca.

The only requisite is to advise ahead on the duration of the excursion, and the priorities through the journey. A private natural harbor, in order to have our intimate and relaxing moments or one of the best and most famous beaches of any of the Balearic Islands.

Moorings: If you are going to come by Mallorca on vacation and you don’t know where to leave your boat during your visit, the company takes care of everything for the visitor to have no worries.

They have moorings to be occupied through rental or sales system in almost all the parts of the islands.

Maintenance: From paint, to engine reparations or replacement of pieces.

Shipyard: Given their high domination of the nautical sector, they possess contacts with the best shipyards that allow the construction of a boat, custom yachts or sailing boats.

Catering, cleaning and insurance services can also be hired. Furthermore, they offer the possibility to purchase sailing boats or motor boats.



Confianza Yachting

C./ Pescadors 19, 07670 Portocolom

(+34) 971825275
(+34) 660987109

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