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From the Arenal beach and on the way to the Lighthouse, the coast transforms into small natural rock cliffs that form the transparent waters and natural pools: Cleo’s Baths. Small enclaves that have been building up through the years and the continuous evolution of the waves, are the essences of beauty that create such a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere.

Access is somewhat steep, therefore appropriate footwear to walk through the natural rock is recommended. Eventually, and spontaneously, access paths have been created to easily get access to the sea; steps made in the rock or metal ladders. Anyhow, the most fun is the launching access directly from a jump!

From the terraces, while enjoying the sun and caressed by sea breezes, you can overlook most of the natural harbor of Porto Colom. Time flies at the Baths of Cleo, observing the movement of the inlet and outlet of the boats in the summer!

It is worthwhile taking a pair of scuba diving sessions in order to make free and see schools of fish that accumulate around the rocks and water shades of light passing through the natural holes created in the rock.



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