• Cala Brafi
  • Cala Brafi
  • Cala Brafi
  • Cala Brafi


Cala Brafi is a creek located 2.5 Km from Portocolom. This creek is about 130 meters long and an average width of 50 meters ending in a pristine beach. Is surrounded by a landscape of low cliffs, pine trees and rocks.

The coastline is characterized by its small size sands and the amount of rocks, which don’t make it easy to extend the towel, but is lovely for its tranquility.

For those arriving by boat it is important to note that there is not much depth, so that only small boats can access.

Access by road is on foot. The vehicle can be left parked about 550m from the beach and the road is not in very good conditions. These constraints are causing many tourists do not go to this beach.

* Pictures from Playas de las Islas Baleares


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