Cala d’Or is a reduced tourist complex situated in the district of Santanyí, located in the south of the mallorquian coast. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the island of Mallorca. The image of the town’s urbanization is similar to traditional urban style in the island of Ibiza, with white houses and straight ceilings.

The small town and port are located in an area of precious beaches of golden sand with rocks and caves. Hence, it is the perfect spot for adventure and exploration.
Today Cala d’Or has become a cosmopolitan enclave with permanents inhabitants, coming from a lot of regions of Spain and Europe. This way, Cala d’Or turns into a cocktail of culture, color and tradition.

In our days, Cala d’Or is also an imposing tourist complex, with abundant hotels, houses or chalets. It is one of the places with places with more glamour in the island, and one of the prettiest. We are in the ideal place for families with children.

The visit to a unique place like the Cala d’Or marina is well recommended. It is located in the heart of the east coast of the complex and it attracts an important quantity of yachts.

There are numerous things to do in this part of the island, from taking a boat to go around the coast, take the mini train, or visit CalaMondragó and its incredible caves. On the other hand we should emphasize the night, the nocturnal leisure of the area, hotel parties and the main venues of town, most importantly in the old side of town.


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