One of the most characteristics spots in Portocolom, still preserving its marine charm and traditional customs of the area: Es Riuetó. It is a pier with the historical infrastructure of the port. With a front structure of typical homes of the fishing village, a group of medium house very diverse in color create one of the most comforting and delightful impressions of Portocolom.

The docks are abundant of traditional boats; known as llauts. Precisely, to store this boats during winter, the first inhabitants of Portocolom built storages with ramps that lead to the water. These are still used today; better known as “barraques”.

Located in the old area of Portocolom we can find one of the most relaxing and peaceful spots in the port. An area that allows people to stay up to date with the modern world, but still relating to the authentic origins of the locals.



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