The Santueri Castle, located to the south east of Felanitx and over the cliffs that are also recognized by the name of Santueri, at 400 meters of height, is one of the three rock castles that the island of Mallorca preserves. It became a Muslim redoubt of resistance in the period of James’ I conquest.

In order to access the Santueri Castle we need to take Felanitx’s road in direction to Ca’sConcos. Approximately after 2km, we will see an indicator for the Santueri Castle to our left; we have to take this path. It is the beginning of the road that goes up to the castle. During the journey, you can contemplate to your left the SantSanvador Mountain, with more than 500 meters of height, over which Sant Salvador’s sanctuary is found, also a well recommended excursion in order to enjoy the extraordinary views over a great part of Mallorca and specially Portocolom and it’s surroundings.

Distance: 6 km

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