• Mallorca Diving
  • Mallorca Diving
  • Mallorca Diving
  • Mallorca Diving


Whether you have never tried scuba diving before or you are an advanced scuba diver,  Mallorca Diving is a good option for the island of Mallorca.

Mallorca Diving has more than 15 years of experience and our range of centers all across the island and they guarantee  the safest, most enjoyable and most qualified diving on the island!

They offer you professional services and support, backed by high quality equipment from SCUBAPRO-UWATEC or AQUALUNG, which is regularly checked, serviced and replaced. The highly qualified team of instructors and guides hold full certifications for their position and are here to help with every aspect of your time spent with us. With the emphasis of diver safety and high standards, the international team will introduce you or re-acquaint you with the exciting world of diving in Majorca.



Mallorca Diving

c/ Ronda del Creuer Balear, 53
07670 Portocolom

(+34) 971834197


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