Porto Cristo is a town located on the east side of Mallorca, in the municipal district of Manacor. It has precedents from the period of the Roman Empire.

The name of Porto Cristo comes from the disembarkation of a vessel with an image of Christ and one of the Virgin with the child in her arms from the year 1260.

It is a frequently visited place, mostly in the summer, by people from Mallorca, mainly from Manacor.

Undoubtedly, one of the points of biggest interest to visit in the port is The Drach Caves.

The influx of swimmers is very high, the beach is very well protected from the wind and sea storms making it ideal to have a dip either in summer or in the winter, for the brave ones.
The water in summer is not very clean, due to the high traffic of speedboats in the port, very close to the beach. But this situation does not impede people from having a pleasant swim.

On weekend nights people meet in the surroundings of the dock and the beach, where there is a lot of good offers from bars and restaurants.


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