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Located on the east coast of Mallorca, is one of the great charms of the island. Portocolom, both residents and tourists, is and always has been a unique destination. A natural building that now houses 4000 people, despite doubling its population in summer months. Categorized as a preferred destination for tourists welcome, and a great symbol of pride for local Portocolom has been featured in major changes and events that are history. The development of the port began in the eighteenth century as a refuge for boats, but the biggest changes for the benefit tour took place from the 60’s, where he built hotels and apartments.

Today, still retains its tradition and natural beauty despite having been adapted to support the tourism industry and the convenience of its visitors. In the nineteenth century, the expansion of trade, mainly based on the export of wine, he helped develop the infrastructure of Portocolom. The promenade around the port, the ships and the contrast with nature makes it becomes the dream of many and memorable experience for others.

As for its essence, consists Portocolom with beaches of crystalline waters and very calm due to the geographical qualities of the area. Over time, the business of the port has lost importance, while activities such as tourism and leisure have taken the reins of the economy. Places like the Yacht Club Porto Colom are places where it shows the strength of the port, as this is recognized as one of the most important of the island. Finally, at 31 meters above sea level, the beacon of light gives Portocolom to anyone in search of a dream.


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