• Platja de S'Algar
  • Platja de S'Algar
  • Platja de S'Algar
  • Platja de S'Algar


S’Algar is a creek located on the eastern slope of Punta de ses Crestes. It is located near the first cove outside the bay of Portocolom on its left bank.

Its name comes from the buildup of algae that commonly occur in this cove. It is a sandy beach and by the storms that are recorded throughout the year, you can enjoy the sand or not. Surrounding the cove there are abundant rocks accompanied by tough kills.

Road access is easy. Just follow the signs to Portocolom. Even so, and because of the characteristics described above, the creek has not many people and is frequented by fishermen, residents of Felanitx and Portocolom or vacationers who travel around here to enjoy the clean water.




* Pictures from Playas de las Islas Baleares

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