The Virgin of Saint Salvador gives name to the sanctuary that is at 510 meters of height, on top of the mountain known as Saint Salvador. Belonging to the municipal district of Felanitx.

Thanks to its height and strategic location, it becomes an ideal spot for the enjoyment of the most spectacular views of the area.
It’s origin links back to the year 1.348, when the first church dedicated to the passion of image, and it is attributed to king Peter IV of Aragon. The actual church dates from the beginnings of the XVIII century, when an image of Virgin Mary was placed on top of the major altar, which had been venerated since the XV century in the sanctuary. In addition to that, an altarpiece of the Passion of the Image, also from the XV century, sculpted in stone, on a lateral chapel.

The road prior to arriving the sanctuary finds the small chapel, it was built in 1.910, and it was made to remember the shepherd legend that discovered the Virgin’s Image. It was in 1.934 when the monument to Christ King was inaugurated, a 7 meters high sculpture built with cooper, which is situated on top of an architectural structure of 37 meters of height; to get an idea of it’s dimensions; it is said that in the Christ’s sleeves a standing person fits. And finally, in 1.957 the Cross of Picot was built.
The architectural whole also counts with a coffee shop, a restaurant and a hotel. It is possible to realize a “picnic” in Sant Salvador, thanks to the area under the shade of the trees, adapted specially for it.

A well recommended excursion for its architectural beauty and it marvelous views. A very magical spot that will leave you breathless. From here we recommend to visit on clear sunny days, where you can get the best images and can sight perfectly the beauty of the Bay of Portocolom. The sunrise and the sunset become the most special moments of visit thanks to the light, the colors and the beauty of the landscape.

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