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The most original and interesting, one more gastronomical destination to enjoy in the road of commerce of Portocolom, named after Christopher Colombus. Club Fidel proclaims itself as one of the first class spots where people can enjoy excellent cocktails in a unique and relaxing place.

This bar, still preserves the essential characteristics of the historical architecture of the building: the original chimney, the roofs and the traditional use of stone. A place characteristic for its colorful portrait of Fidel Castro: character that the bar is named after.

The place offers a wide variety of cocktails. Made by first quality ingredients, you will feel the need of trying various combinations.

A special destination designed to spend a relaxing afternoon and have some cocktails at night, with good music and amazing ambient.



Fidel Club

Calle de Cristòfor Colom 3
07670, Portocolom, Mallorca

(+34) 971824734


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